Ennuity Holdings

Securing your energy future

Our Mission

We empower consumers to secure their energy future with products that are simple, transparent, and clearly manage risk, return, and social impact. 


Our investment products offer customers a very clear value proposition:  we promise a zero monthly electricity bill for multiple years, or even a lifetime.


Inspired by the guaranteed income profile of annuities and the recurring energy production provided by renewable power sources, we call these products ennuities.


Welcome to your energy future.  

Our Vision

Our ultimate vision is for ennuities to be considered an integral part of a customer’s retirement portfolio. By permanently reducing the fixed costs (utility bills) that are otherwise a significant portion of a household budget, ennuities complement other investments that are meant to provide regular income to fund a lifestyle in retirement.  In fact, we ultimately want consumers to have the ability to buy ennuities out of their 401K or IRA, just as with any other retirement investment.

Company Status

Ennuity Holdings was formed in 2019. We are currently working on product development, making sure that we have the right tax, accounting, legal, and regulatory structures in place to serve our customers.  We expect to launch our first product in the summer of 2020 in conjunction with strategic partners.


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