Solar Energy

A Lifetime of Clean Energy


Our mission is to empower individuals to drive the clean energy revolution - to commit, to invest, and to build a personal environmental legacy.


A world where people can replace their electricity bills with an investment in the electricity infrastructure that powers their lives, creating assets that contribute to climate health and financial wellbeing.

What We Do

Ennuity Holdings is creating a brand new asset class that allows retirees to buy out their electric utility bill. Inspired by the guaranteed income profile of annuities and the recurring energy production provided by renewable power sources, we call these products ennuities.

Why We Do It

After 25+ years in the energy industry, we know that the transition to clean energy is here, now. That's why we set out to help households own their transition to a lifetime of clean energy.

Who We Are

The team at Ennuity Holdings brings expertise from different industries and functions, while uniting around a passion for solar power. Learn more about our team and advisors.


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Inaugural member of Greentown Labs Houston - The largest climatetech startup incubator in North America.

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