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How Ennuities Work

Like a traditional annuity, an ennuity provides a customer with a stream of returns in exchange for an upfront investment; however, the returns come in the form of guaranteed energy deliveries rather than as income.  

When someone buys an ennuity, the purchase is used to fund renewable infrastructure investment in the grid or in the person’s home. In return for this investment, the customer is guaranteed a zero energy bill for a specified term, for as long as they live in their home, or even for a lifetime.  By comparing the value of energy to what the consumer would normally pay on their electricity bill, we can show a customers an implied rate of return on investment that is better than the returns that they would get on savings and fixed income investment alternatives.

We bring together the right renewable energy projects with our exceptional risk management and structuring skills to design these ennuities and deliver the guaranteed energy for the customer’s ongoing needs.