Ennuity Holdings is creating a new way for energy consumers to buy clean energy. We connect customers with the source of the electrons they consume, working with electric utilities to deliver clean power to the home, while ensuring that new sources of renewable energy are added to the grid as a result of the customer's purchasing decision.

why we do it:

After 25+ years in the energy industry, we know that the transition to clean energy is here, now. That's why we set out to help households own their transition to a lifetime of clean energy.

our mission:

Our mission is to empower individuals to drive the clean energy revolution -

to commit, to invest and to build a personal environmental legacy.

who we are:

The team at Ennuity Holdings brings expertise from different industries and functions, while uniting around

a passion for solar power.

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our vision:

A world where people can replace their electricity bills with an investment in the electricity infrastructure that powers their lives, creating assets that contribute to climate health

and financial well-being.


our values.

honesty & integrity.

We do what’s right, follow through with our commitments and provide transparency into our actions and outcomes.

people & planet.

We care about people, our communities and our environment. We look for ways to give back and leave the world better than we found it.

fairness & inclusion.

We look to create fair access to clean energy for our customers and a diverse,

equitable and inclusive workplace

for our employees.

courage & action.

We boldly tackle the big challenges, find solutions to tough problems

and drive impact and change. 

excellence & trust.

We can be counted on to bring our best work to what we do and

what we say.