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Frequently Asked Questions

The renewable energy industry is complicated!

View our most frequently asked questions or download our FAQ guide.

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How do I enroll?   

Sign up to join the wait list! We are setting up a new retail electricity provider and will be going through a licensing process with the Texas Public Utility Commission. Once we have received our license, we will contact you to confirm your interest and then you will be formally switched over to our service.  We expect this will happen by the summer of 2021.

Will my house be physically connected to the solar panels?

No! The solar panels will be connected to the electric grid and you will receive your electricity using your existing utility wires.


​How much will my subscription cost?

The subscription is currently priced at $1 per watt of capacity.  Ennuity Holdings will determine how much capacity you need based on how much electricity you typically consume per year.  We can look at your historical electricity bills or make an estimate based on the size of your home and other factors to estimate your consumption.  We then convert that to the amount of solar needed using our expertise on how productive solar is in this region. Once we have determined how much capacity you need, we will multiple by the subscription price to determine the total cost of your subscription.


See our Savings Calculator to estimate your household's subscription cost.


What happens if I move apartments or homes?

If you move within the same service area, we will transfer your subscription to your new home.  We may need to work with you to adjust the size of the subscription if your consumption changes significantly with the move.

If you move outside of the service area, then you will be able to cancel the subscription.  If you chose to pay upfront for the subscription, then Ennuity Holdings will refund you for the unused portion of the subscription.