Your Solar Power Source for $1/Watt

Through a 10-year subscription, renters and homeowners can get the environmental and financial benefits of solar with nothing on the roof.


Have a lasting impact on the environment by signing a hassle-free contract that makes financial sense for your household.


  • Add to total solar energy production in Texas with highly efficient solar panels

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your household

  • Add renewable energy jobs to the economy


  • Lock in a low price

  • Sign an affordable contract that is better than the average price of electricity on the grid

  • Guaranteed price certainty for the duration of your contract


  • Nothing on your roof 

  • Hassle-free 

  • No need to shop for electricity for the length of your contract

  • Portable & transferable to a new home

How It Works

Your commitment to solar energy enables utility-scale solar to be built while lowering your energy bills.

How it works.png

Gemma, a Texas resident, selects us to be her electricity supplier and purchases (or finances) a long term

ennuity subscription.

We use the money to build a solar farm to produce Gemma's electricity.  We integrate the solar with the power grid, shaping the power to match Gemma's consumption.

We then use existing utility wires to deliver the electricity to Gemma's home. She’ll have her own offsite solar panels and save money on her utility bills!

Additional Features*:

​Since the solar panels are yours, just not on your roof, you will be provided with a monitoring app to view the performance and output of your offsite solar panels. You will also be invited to come to the grand opening, visit the solar farm with appointment, and have your name on a plaque at the site.

*Additional features will be confirmed with customers when contracts are agreed upon

What To Expect



  • Sign up to stay informed

  • Reserve your solar panels and lock in low prices with a $50 fee to join the waiting list (applied towards the subscription price)



  • Review and sign your personalized contract for offsite solar panels 

  • An Ennuity Holdings partner builds a utility-scale solar farm 



  • Attend the solar farm ribbon cutting

  • Start receiving energy from the solar farm through your retail electricity provider

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