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  • Lauren Duhon

Meet the Team: Alex Cruz

Role at Ennuity Holdings: Manager, Pricing & Analytics

What led you to Ennuity Holdings?

Having known Nisha and the work she’d been doing in the renewables and distributed energy space, I first heard about this new start-up after we met over coffee while I was with my last employer. After leaving my last employer and speaking with Nisha about an open role she had been trying to fill, I decided that it was time to move to a company exclusively within the renewable space.

What do you like about the idea of working for a startup?

Being one of three full-time employees often means you’re required to step outside of your comfort zone to pitch in and help launch the business. It’s refreshing to learn about marketing, operations, and other roles one might find themselves in while trying to run a successful business within the ever-changing retail electricity industry.

What roles did you work in previously, and what are you hoping to bring to the team?

I’ve spent most of my professional career within the deregulated electricity industry in Texas, mostly in structuring large and complex commercial/industrial deals. My expertise in pricing methodology, risk analysis, and automated data analytics can help in the formation of a distinctly new type of retail product that will allow ratepayers innovative ways to save money on their electric spend.

Why is the mission and renewable energy important to you?

Most of today’s global problems are problems of resource allocation. By shifting our energy consumption towards a method that frees us from a finite resource, we can improve the human condition and shift our focus to other areas that need attention.

What are your thoughts on Houston and its role in the energy transition?

Houston is and will remain the energy capitol of the US, so long as we continue to be innovative and embrace new ideas that will expand access to alternative sources of affordable power.

What's your favorite place or favorite things to do around Houston?

My home: working on my urban patio garden, woodworking in my garage, watching sci-fi with my wife and son. Otherwise, just riding my bike throughout Houston’s diverse neighborhoods and enjoying new bars, restaurants or cafes.

A few fun facts about Alex:

  • He has 3 cats and 1 dog, with more to come hopefully.

  • His favorite food is Japanese Ramen.

  • He’s seen all of the Star Trek series and continues to watch them over and over again.

  • He is also recently obsessed with Stargate SG-1.