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  • Lauren Duhon

Meet the Team: Lauren Duhon

Role at Ennuity Holdings: Marketing and Communications Associate

What led you to Ennuity Holdings? The ability to potentially leave the community better than I found it was a motivator for joining the team at Ennuity Holdings.

What do you like about the idea of working for a startup? I think it is exciting to be a part of a startup and to problem solve along the way. Everyone is constantly trying to figure out the best way to do things, but it’s also an opportunity to really build something the way you want it to be, something completely new. I’ve never been a part of something from the ground up.

What roles did you work in previously, and what are you hoping to bring to the team?

I’m completely new to the energy world. I’ve worked as a journalist and an educator, as well as in political communications and community outreach roles, but I’m an outsider to the clean energy game. In some ways, I think that’s what I bring to the team: an outsider’s perspective. I’m seeing everything through a fresh perspective and new eyes, which can be useful at times, but I also have a very different background than the rest of the team.

Why is the mission and renewable energy important to you? Resiliency is a big thing for me, and inaction never sits well with me, so when I see communities that I grew up in continuously facing threats due to climate change, what better way to get involved than by trying to curb electricity emissions with climate action and innovation?

What are your thoughts on Houston and its role in the energy transition? I’ve lived in Houston for nearly half of my life, and I think the city is at a crossroads. The role it can play will be instrumental in the energy transition as the energy capital. I think we just need to decide if we’re going to be the city that takes action or the city that sticks to the status quo. Based on what I know about my city, I don’t think it’s the latter.

What's your favorite place or favorite things to do around Houston? Like every Houstonian, I always rave about the food here. My favorite things to do in the city all revolve around eating good food, but I also enjoy days at the museums or chilling on the lawn at the Menil, walks at the Arboretum, hanging out at coffee shops pre-coronavirus, live music or grabbing a drink in Montrose. Lately, I’ve been big on keeping up my balcony garden, but I’ve also picked up climbing at the gym, which has been nice and a huge stress reliever for me.

A few fun facts about Lauren:

  • I’ve been to 28 countries.

  • I have a corgi named Basil.

  • My favorite food is sushi or enchiladas, but not together.

  • I'm a graduate student at the University of Houston.